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Preparing Surgeons

Based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have been proudly attending to patients from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas since 2021. We provide the highest quality healthcare and cosmetic procedures with exclusive packages that include transportation, translation services, accommodation, medicine and a medical consultant to follow your case at all stages


We exist to unwaveringly uphold the medical oath, ensuring the rights of patients and the community.

Our commitment is to provide affordable cosmetic healthcare services, delivering a remarkable experience to enhance the quality of our patients' lives.


To stand out as an unparalleled leader, dedicated to discovering optimal solutions that foster healthier, confident patients


Excellence: Our overarching goal is excellence in all endeavors. We strive to deliver exceptional, innovative, ethical, and quality services. Continuous learning and active involvement in educating future practitioners are integral to our commitment.

Patient Services: Effective communication, medical expertise, and hard work converge to meet patient expectations. Patient service is the core of our mission, and we continually seek ways to support and improve the experiences of those we serve.

Patient Protection: Patient perspectives, opinions, needs, interests, and safety guide every decision we make. We prioritize the well-being and protection of our patients in all aspects of our operations.

Ethics: We cultivate a professional work environment that emphasizes personal integrity, ethics, responsibility, and accountability. Upholding the highest ethical standards is integral to our organizational culture.

Why Choose My Choice Medcare?

Testimonials from Our Patients:


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